The Madison Street Living building was built in 1888, so it has seen its share of tenants. Historical research is still being done today, and it’s possible that our building is even older than 1888! More details to come…

The Madison Street Living Timeline

  • 1888
  • 222-224 Zimmerman’s Furniture & Undertaking, Wallpaper, res. 708 Clinton (also here in 1891)
  • 226 W. Madison – John Black, Cigar Manufacturer
  • 228 W. Madison – Jacob Christman, Merchant Tailor
  • 230 W. Madison – D. Krouse – Gunsmith & Sporting Goods
  • 1902-1903
  • 224 W. Madison: Edward A. Schmidt, Cigars, res. 1454 Ottawa Avenue; Benj. J. (Wife, Mary), farmer

The Story of Simon Zimmerman

Occasionem Cognosce. So said the Latiums two thousand years ago, given a free equivalent it might be translated, “Know your opportunity.” We use this old time phrase not pedantically, but to point a moral in connection with the furniture house of Mr. Simon Zimmerman.When a merchant has been before the public for over twenty years, and in all that time has retained a recognized position as an honorable and successful business man, we believe the fact to be very potent that such a man deserves more at the hands of the purchasing body, than others who make a great clatter, but whose record shrinks from the calcium light of examination. In other words, we would tell the public to discriminate between the sterling merchant and that mushroom class who hold out fall inducements and deceptive promises, that should be the merest twaddle to thoughtful minds.

Here is an establishment whose doors have been open to you for twenty years, and wherein the stock is to be depended upon up to every iota that its proprietor represents – this, long time have you known – this you know – and will continue to prove for numerous tomorrows. The furniture house of Mr. S. Zimmerman is the one which we select as a creditable, representative house of Ottawa. Incidentally we notice Mr. Zimmerman as a practical and experienced embalmer – a sad but necessary profession – and one of which there are few good exponents in the State. His instruments are the completest we have ever seen, and we, as well as the city of Ottawa, can testify to his ability and knowledge in their use. Mr Zimmerman can be reached by telephone and carries for his watchword – “Celerity.”

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